Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Virtual Book Tour

I’m having so much fun setting up arrangements for my Virtual Book Tour that starts on February 1, 2008! Here are more tips on setting up your own:

Step One: (See post on December 8, 2007.)

Step Two:
Plan interactive features to include on your Virtual Book Tour. This gets online guests checking back in each day to join in the fun. On my Virtual Book Tour, I’m planning these upcoming interactive features to include each day:
1. Trivia questions about African American history that online guests can e-mail their answers to me. I will post a new trivia question each day of the tour and provide the correct answer the following day.
2. Top Ten Lists such as Top Ten African American Heroes. Online guests can e-mail me their suggestions and I’ll later post a list of the top ten responses I chose.
3. Each time someone e-mails me about the trivia question or Top Ten List or posts a comment, I will put their name in a hat. On the next to last day of my Virtual Book Tour, I’ll choose five names from a hat to give away five fun prizes to the winners.

To find more creative interactive features to include on your tour, check out other authors' sites to see how they succeeded. Google "Virtual Book Tour" and have fun exploring!

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