Thursday, February 7, 2008

Virtual Book Tour: Day 7

Set your clocks! Listen in today to a live Internet blogtalkradio interview on Book Bites for Kids!

4:00 PM Atlantic
3:00 PM Eastern
2:00 PM Central Time
1:00 PM Mountain
12:00 PM Pacific

If you missed the live interview, you still have a chance to enjoy the fun! The interview will be archived at Book Bites for Kids.

Just for Kids
Have you ever visited a famous historic site about African American history? Chances are, there is a historic site near you! If you’ve already visited somewhere, look for some place new to go. If you’ve never been to a famous African American historic site, this month would be a great time to start! Wouldn’t it be fun to take a visit with your family or go on a field trip with your class? To help find a location near you, check out these books in your library:
Historic Landmarks of Black America by George Cantor
Black Heritage Sites: The North by Nancy C. Curtis
Black Heritage Sites: The South by Nancy C. Curtis

Yesterday’s Trivia Q and A:
Yesterday’s question was:
Which famous explorer co-discovered the North Pole?
a. Matthew Henson
b. York
c. Estevanico
The answer is: a. Matthew Henson. In 1909, arctic explorer Matthew Henson became co-discoverer of the North Pole. Other famous explorers include York, skillful frontiersman who helped make the Lewis and Clark expedition a success. During colonial days, Estevanico led an exploring party through the southwestern United States.

Today’s Trivia Question:
What was a major symbol used by abolitionists to inspire people everywhere to help bring an end to slavery in America?
a. Liberty Bell
b. Seven candles of Kwanzaa
c. Olympic torch
Submit your answer by posting it as a comment to today’s blog. It won’t be published on the blog, but your name will be put in a hat to be drawn for 5 prizes to give away at the end of the tour. Check back in tomorrow for the answer!

Coming tomorrow:
On Day 8 of my Virtual Book Tour, we’re having a special guest appearance by award-winning illustrator of D is for Drinking Gourd, E.B. Lewis! Be sure to stop on by as he answers questions for students at Glenwood Avenue Elementary School in Wildwood, New Jersey.

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