Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Virtual Book Tour: Day 20

Today’s stop on the tour is dedicated to the students in Mrs. Lamar’s and Mr. Sanders’ fourth grade classes at Fairmont Elementary School in Yorba Linda, California. Thanks for all the great questions you sent in for me to answer! Click on the video to find out more about what it’s like to be an author and how a book is published. After you watch the video, be sure to come to Open House tonight and drop in at the Book Fair. Stop at my table and say “Hi!” I’ll be signing copies there of my newest book, D is for Drinking Gourd!

Yesterday’s Trivia Q and A:
Yesterday’s question was:
What was Ida Wells Barnett known as?
a. Champion ice skater
b. Princess of the press
c. Jazz singer
The answer is: b. Princess of the press. Ida Wells Barnett investigated and reported in the newspaper about the terrible things that were happening in our nation as a result of racism. Her brave stand against injustice and passion for equal rights helped bring many important changes in America.

Today’s Trivia Question:
Which quilt artist was famous for her two Bible quilts?
a. Augusta Savage
b. Alice Coachman Davis
c. Harriet Powers
Submit your answer by posting it as a comment to today’s blog. It won’t be published on the blog, but your name will be put in a hat to be drawn for 5 prizes to give away at the end of the tour. Check back in tomorrow for the answer!

Coming tomorrow:
On Day 21 of my Virtual Book Tour, we’ll be visiting some of my favorite sites to learn more about African American history.

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