Thursday, February 21, 2008

Virtual Book Tour: Day 21

For today’s stop on my Virtual Book Tour, I’d like to invite you to explore some of the informational Websites I visit as I research material for the books I write.

Africans in America
The Underground Railroad
The African American Mosaic
History Channel: Celebrate Black History Month
Documenting the American South
Guide to African American Documentary Resources

Just for Kids!
Here are Web sites that are fun to visit and help you learn more about African American history!

Time for Kids
Kulture Kidz
Escape to Freedom

Yesterday’s Trivia Q and A:
Yesterday’s question was:
Which quilt artist was famous for her two Bible quilts?
a. Augusta Savage
b. Alice Coachman Davis
c. Harriet Powers
The answer is: c. Harriet Powers. Keeping the African tradition of storytelling alive, African American women often sewed designs on quilts that told stories. In the late 1800s, Harriet Powers stitched beautiful quilts with the heart of a storyteller. Her two most famous Bible quilts are now owned by museums.

Today’s Trivia Question:
Who was the first African American to serve as Poet Laureate of the Library of Congress?
a. Rita Dove
b. Dorothy Bates
c. Daniel Payne
Today is the very last trivia question, so submit your answer by posting it as a comment to today’s blog. It won’t be published on the blog, but your name will be put in a hat to be drawn for 5 prizes to give away on Tuesday, the last day of the tour. Check back in tomorrow for the answer!

Coming tomorrow:
On Day 22 of my Virtual Book Tour, we’ll be paying a special tribute in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Truly, he dedicated his life to helping bring equal rights to our nation.


carol said...

Nancy -
I have so enjoyed your book tour. You have given me inspiration to write more! THANKS!
Also, I was reading a local free newspaper today and I saw an ad for your book! E.B. Lewis will be signing at a local store in Chadds Ford from 1 to 3 on Saturday. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it but I hope alot of others will attend.

Nancy I. Sanders said...

Oh, I'm so glad you've been inspired, Carol! And what great news that E. B. is appearing near where you live. Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

nancy, thanks for all the wonderful sights on African American history. Each site was so interesting!

Nancy I. Sanders said...

I'm glad you explored the sites, Gloria. There's such rich info to be discovered, don't you think?