Friday, January 25, 2008

Do You Want to be a Writer?

Chances are, if you dream about being a writer, you either loved to read as a child or are a natural storyteller! What a wonderful imagination you probably have!

As you take steps to make your dreams come true, let me encourage you. I started out knowing NOTHING about the field of writing. I didn't know about writers' conferences, critique groups, market guides, publishing houses, agents, queries or book proposals. I didn't even know how to type a manuscript in its proper format. I didn't even know the word "submissions" meant to send something to an editor--I just typed up my story and mailed it to the first magazine that came to mind!

Yet, little by little, step by step I moved forward in pursuit of my dreams of one day being a published author. And now I am! With over 70 books published in houses big and small, I am a full-time writer landing 3-4 new book contracts every year for the last ten years.

Often when I speak at a local writer's event, someone says, "Well, you can land a book contract because you're already established." I try to remind them that I started at square one, just like most of us do.

So, be encouraged! Take heart! Put on your writer's hat and sit down at your computer. Fasten on your seatbelt until you actually type at least one page of new material today on your manuscript. Step by step, day by day, you can work towards making your dreams come true!

Teacher Tip:
Many children also love the thought of growing up to be a writer. To encourage your students to enjoy writing, work together to make a classroom book. Structure it with a theme such as African American Heroes from A-Z or Animal Homes or Counting to A Million. Assign each student one or two pages of the book to write, then instruct them to draw a picture and write about it for the book. Assemble the pages together and bind them in a 3-ring notebook or between sturdy paper. Then display it in the class for everyone to enjoy!


Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Nancy, I'm taking another step today. I hope I've not made a wrong turn and am still a step closer to my goal! Thanks for the encouragement!


Nancy I. Sanders said...

Good for you, Gloria! You're getting there!

Did you see the rainbow yesterday? It's a reminder of all of God's promises!!!

Have a great day enjoying your journey as a writer.