Tuesday, January 15, 2008

African American History: Did You Know...?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most important leaders in the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s. He encouraged people to use nonviolence to bring changes to everyday life for African Americans. He organized countless boycotts, marches, and peaceful demonstrations. His speeches inspired hundreds of thousands of people to join together to work toward equal rights for everyone living in America.

Did you know that today, January 15, is Dr. King's actual birthday? Our nation will observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a federal holiday next Monday.

To remember this great man and the important work he accomplished, you can make a hand fan similar to the one many marchers and protesters used during the long, hot summer days of the Civil Rights Movement. Not only did these provide relief from the hot sun, but they were also a form of advertisement. They were printed with encouraging words, information about an upcoming event, or pictures of such civil rights leaders as Dr. King.

Use the illustration of the fan provided here, poster board, markers, a jumbo craft stick, glue, scissors, and a stapler for this project. Print out the picture and resize it if necessary until it is about 6-inches square. Glue it to a piece of poster board. Staple the craft stick to the back of the poster board to form the handle of the fan. Wave the fan gently back and forth in front of your face. Imagine how good the refreshing breeze felt across the faces of the people who were marching along a road during the Civil Rights Movement on a hot, sunny day.
-from A KID'S GUIDE TO AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY (Second Edition, Chicago Review Press, 2007)

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Catherine L. Osornio said...

I never knew that about the fans. Thanks for sharing that tidbit.