Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I love my critique group! What an enthusiastic, dedicated group of eight professional writers. We work hard each month when we gather together to focus and critique. This month, for the second year in a row, however, will be different. Usually, we meet in Montclair, but for our meeting in December, we’re all driving up to Gloria’s in Hesperia for our annual Christmas party! Gloria goes all out to decorate for the holidays and she’s a wonderful host. There will be lots of good food and desserts, a fun gift exchange, and a VERY short time of critiques. (We e-mailed our manuscripts to each other so we can read over them ahead of time and just spend a few moments discussing each one at the party.)

I’ve been having fun collecting treasures for our gift exchange—something wrapped, something used, and something for writers. Most of the time, it’s a used writers’ book, but this year I found a few unique “freebies” for writers from a local conference I recently attended—some for the gift exchange and some to give each person in the group.

Today I’m enjoying wrapping the gifts and filling out their Christmas cards. Next, I’ll start planning on which delectable dessert to take! It’s a highlight of our writing year.

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