Saturday, November 3, 2007


A little over a year ago, I was in a local bookstore. Much to my pleasure and surprise I stumbled across a beautiful book called BEATRIX POTTER: A JOURNAL. The pages were filled with little snippets of artwork from her books and memorabilia from her various projects scattered across the pages. There were portions of letters from editors as well as excerpts from her diary. My writer's soul immediately connected with this idea. In a journey filled with so many rejections and negative self-doubt, what a marvelous way to help remember all the positive little moments of being a writer! Even though I had never been much of a "scrapbooker" before, I immediately jumped in with both feet. I found a little local shop that sells scrapbook supplies, bought a book, and made it my New Year's resolution to scrapbook every month of 2007 with fun little details about my life as a writer. It has been a very rewarding journey! On days when I get numerous rejections both through the mail and e-mail, or on days when I struggle with writer's block, or on days when I'm once again overwhelmed and wonder how I'll ever meet my current book deadline on time, I just pull out my scrapbook and get my fill of warm fuzzies. Pictures from my critique groups, kudos from editors, inspiring Scriptures, and precious positive moments as a writer greet me to encourage me to keep on going.

Have you ever kept a scrapbook about your writing adventures? I'd love to hear how you create your own personal journal!

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