Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Research Tips

Yesterday I had to travel to a nearby city, so I took a few moments extra and visited their local library used book store. Whenever I go somewhere like this, I like to add an extra stop to explore the local library's used book store. As always, I found some great finds--most for just 50 cents. I found books I can use for research sources on topics I'm writing about--and they offer a unique slant I might not have considered including. Plus, I found 2 books to give to my friend who is a writer on the current topic she's researching. Libraries often have great used book stores where they deposit books they're clearing from their shelves--often quite expensive volumes for a really low price. The other place I've also found fantastic finds is when I visit the local univeristy on my travels. Most have a used book store as well and often include great textbook finds on the subject you're researching.

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